Education is the key in helping athletes, coaches, students and community members understand the issues surrounding drug use in sport. Sports Medicine Australia (WA) offers both face to face Drugs in Sport Workshops and online Drugs in Sport education for athletes, coaches, schools, sporting clubs and the community.

While drugs in sport education should be provided at all levels of competition the focus of the education and the tools and resources provided need to be tailored appropriately. SMA can offer education and support to all levels of competition throughout WA.

State Sporting Association

The SMA WA Drugs in Sport Project offers State Sporting Organizations the opportunity to take part in a Drugs in Sport workshop. This 1-hour workshop encompasses ASADA’s “Pure Performance” anti-doping education and gives athletes, coaches and support personnel the chance to ask questions in a face-to-face learning environment. This session aims to educate athletes and support personnel on who the anti-doping community are and what they do, the athletes rights and responsibilities and the testing process.

Presentations can be tailored to your sports anti-doping needs and is ideal for athletes who are eligible for drug testing. (i.e. athletes who are part of ASADA’s Registered and Domestic Testing Pools.)

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Sports Medicine Australia WA offers a variety of workshops for students, student athletes, teachers and parents. For more information on how SMA can work with you and your school to provide comprehensive drugs in sport education head to the Schools section of our website or contact us today.

Sporting and Recreation Community

The SMA WA Drugs in Sport Project offers the sport and recreation community a 1 hour Drugs in Sport Workshop. This workshop is specifically tailored to sporting club athletes, parents, volunteers and other supporting personnel, as well as sports trainers, fitness instructors and personal trainers.

SMA has developed a range of resources to support sporting clubs to Be Drug Free these resources can be found in here

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In this online module participants will develop an awareness of the consequences of drugs in sport and their effects on sporting performance. Participants will gain a greater awareness of the impact or recreational drugs on sport performance and doping control in sport.